Antibacterial properties of egg white

The bird egg is a complex structure ensuring the autonomous development of an embryo outside the mother’s body. It contains nutrients and bioactive molecules but also a sophisticated system to protect the...   More


The advertisement of antimicrobial medicines to farmers in the UK will be banned from 2013 in a bid to reduce antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals

The change comes as a result of the European Commission's view that the UK did not "correctly transpose" the EU Directive which prohibits the advertising of certain medicinal products to the general...   More


Excessive Brine in Chicken May Pose Health Risk

Some of the chicken sold in South Africa has excessive amounts of brine, which could pose serious health risks for consumers due to its high salt content, according to the Department of Agriculture, Forestry...   More


(Reuters) - The worst Midwest drought in a quarter century is doing more damage to U.S. crops than previously expected with the government on Wednesday slashing its estimate for what was supposed to be a record harvest.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the corn crop will average just 146 bushels an acre, down 20 bushels from its June estimate and a much more dramatic drop than analysts had projected. The report...   More


Research: Treating poultry diseases without antibiotics

Identifying antimicrobial proteins in chickens that kill pathogens is one method being used by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists to find alternatives to the use of antibiotics to control...   More

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